Foto Sobre mi
Doble C Estudio

I was born in Madrid (Spain), where I lived and studied until I was 18. For family reasons, I moved to Montevideo (Uruguay) and afterwards to England, where I graduated, Magna Cum Laude, in International Relations.

I was a founding partner of 2 companies, “Caña de Indias” and “MundoSalud” where I developed my career until 2008 . That’s when I discovered photography, which began to be my new way of life. In 2010 I finished the Professional Photography Course in EFTI international school. Since then, I have attended various courses and workshops with renowned photographers to complete my training.

My love for traveling since very young, has led me to develop a line of work which clearly reflects my need to document what I believe is about to disappear. I enjoy both landscapes and portraits.

But my interest in exploring other photographic fields, more conceptual, is increasing day by day, as shown in my latest works.